sugar daddy

Secret: Why do mature Sugar daddy like pure sugar baby?

Pure sugar baby always give a lovely feeling, they believe that the beauty of love and the warmth of the world. More importantly, the pure female will stimulate the protection of men desire. Sugar daddy are possessive animals, so men will feel more purely female experience is better without love.

Pure heart of a man is a virgin woman

As he saw, not a beautiful enough Sentimental, Sentimental not beautiful enough. I give Lao Mouzai plus one sentence: Sentimental beauty has been basically mature men wiped out.

In the eyes of men, women Sentimental standards, in fact, only one, that is a virgin. Only the virgin will appear clean and Sentimental. Instead of virgins want to “Sentimental”, can only be Zhuangnen, no matter how whine coquetry, Sentimental flavor is not deduced.

Strong woman than “pure” more beautiful

But everyone will grow up, everyone will be mature. Men can be in a second emotional or career frustration to get mature charm, and women from a failure to get emotional, may be low self-esteem, disappointment, and gradually evolved into Xianglin Sao. Fortunately, some of the strong woman obtained the calm, calm, mature, I am afraid than that totally unaware of the “pure” value greater.

In reality, we see the “ignorance” brought, often not pure good, it is precisely the heavy youth of the War. Because of the world and the human perception of unconscious, to make stupid people sigh but no sympathy. Growing up in the end or a very personal thing.

In the name of a woman as “pure” name

Perhaps because it is difficult to get, so we are more yearning for pure, now, let us as “pure” name. Pure is not a completely ignorant of the ways of the world, pure but clear self-understanding of the world, clear and clear around to accept and love. Pure and age should be independent of the size. Running in Africa, Audrey Hepburn even if his face is no longer young, his eyes are still clear and moving.

Pure and the heart should be only relevant. Always believe in their own charm, I believe that the good of love, I believe the warmth of the world. Such a woman without fear of fear, in the face of what kind of dirty, all eyes quiet. Pure and experience should be how many men have nothing to do. Every love is sound island island of Aijia, delicate and dare to love and hate, over the years, write the script prose, still a school of innocent look.

Pure and face should be independent. Fame for women is important, but to a woman in order to maintain a pure face, tolerance, even the greatest tragedy. Pure should be precious, not to get love and even the cause of our chips. The wealth of life ride in the cost of eating, no one can afford to lose.