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Husband re-exposed scandal hillary rodham announced the separation

The us presidential election was in full swing when democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s personal assistant, known as her second daughter, hu ma abedding backyard fire.

August 29, Abelian issued a statement declaring her husband, New York state democratic party congressman Anthony whiner separation, the cause is re-taught weiner again by the media exposure to other women to send “indecent photos” and erotic messages.

He was forced to resign in the first scandal in 2011

In 2011, Abelian’s husband Weiner was first exposed to young women sent “indecent photos”, still sugar daddy dating site, looking for the sugar baby, then forced to resign and apologize to the public. in 2013, Weiner announced the election of new york city long, again because of the sex scandal crashed halberd, Even in may this year, a focus on abendding and weiner contradictory documentary did not let the marriage of the two capsize.

However, the evening of 28 by the New York post exposure of the later sent t indecent photos scandal became the last straw to crush the camel:Weiner allegedly again to abeding female sent indecent photos, and then two the son of Jordan on the side.

Reported that 51-year-old weiner and the 40-year-old divorced woman has been known for some time, the two sent each other erotic messages, and the latter is the republican presidential candidate donald trump supporters.

She was likened to Hillary’s second daughter

The Associated press reported that a long time, 41-year-old  are Hillary’s capable g0-getters and intimate girlfriends, the outside world than she was in addition to Chelsea’s Hillary second daughter.

As early as 1996, Hillary Clinton or the white house when the first lady, Aladdin began to work for her. Today, Alberto is the vice-chairman of the Hillary clinton campaign, and has a pivotal influence in Hillary’s community, taking part in most of hillary’s campaign decisions. In addition, Abingdin responsible for hillary and its fundraisers matchmaking.

In the united states secretary of state Hillary Clinton, Abedding is all-inclusive big housekeeper, from the arrangements for the meeting, call to provide dress advice, almost all-encompassing. This also makes Abeine often exposed to the media spotlight.



sugar baby

Women love “sugar daddy”, why?

In our surroundings, there are a lot of women eventually choose a big circle than her sugar daddy. In our view, uncle with her social circle is not the same age difference is far, there will be generation gap, but why there are so many  women are willing to marry uncle?

The woman is the answer: older men will be more mature. this only time to mature out of life is the key to attracting women. Compared to women, such men experience more, know more, in life can slowly guide your emotional changes, and will teach you the survival skills of the community and the workplace, so you faster progress.

Sugar daddy charm-calm                                                                                                                           The old man experienced a lot of things have been seen very open, failing to panic, doing things not panic, a woman encountered problems men suddenly settle a lot of things, I believe that a few women want to see their side of the man met dangerous time already no shadow.

Sugar daddy charm-wealth although there are some girls to marry uncle is for money, but not entirely for the money, money is only one of the many uncle charm. Besides, love without money as a basis, it is also destined not hospice.

Sugar daddy of the charm-favor                                                                                                                The old man has experienced countless women, it can be said that the woman is well aware of. They know what women want, how to make women happy. And they are very rich in sex skills, modern society, women are increasingly demanding of the sex, so they think the old man can give them sex, not hurt them.

Sugar daddy charm a sense of security                                                                                                  A sense of security is  a lot of men can not give the same  age, they are not calm, do not fly. The other hard, the uncle is not the same, and they are responsible for things. and there must be economic and social foundation, but also to give women a stable home.

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5 tips – make you more popular in dating

Whether in the office, at home or away from  home, we all want to be someone else’s attention. But how do people like it? Many wish to try these five methods.

Familiar with everyone’s name                                                                                                               In a new environment, familiar with everyone’s name in the daily exchanges will be particularly extra point. Imagine, when you are not so familiar to you, you clearly call each other’s name. This is how impressive ah! This is also very conducive to talk oh!

Do not always play with mobile phones                                                                                               Modern living condition, many times are leave machine, hand from the machine, the heart from the machine.” However, this is often easy to overlook the many people and things around. Of course, not let you out of cell phones, after all, in today’s life, mobile phones in  their daily has evolved into an indispensable communication tool between people. But if you’re staying with someone else, try to drop your cell phone and listen to others, which will make you feel respectful and kind.

When people share stories, try to ask questions                                                                              People like to share their stories, so most of the time they are happy to be concerned about their story. So when we chat with people sho know each other soon, we might as well listen to each other’s stories, make corresponding question, and express your interest and interest as much as possible. And your active care, take the initiative to ask questions, it is likely to get the other side of the appreciation, or even that you are worthy of deep-crossed friend oh!

Do not forget to smile                                                                                                                                 Life too much annoying thing, may be the case, you start to lose a smile. But the more you lose your smile, the more likely will be. Frown, why not smile face. You know, your smile is likely to infect people and things around oh!

Try to accept, rather than blindly deny                                                                                                    When you meet new people, your brain can not help doing all kinds of analysis, which is sensible and very wise. But your brain in the analysis at the same time, you have no need to tell others or criticize others. That is, you can express your identity as far as possible, so that they feel your kind, not blindly deny, look down on people.

Whether it is life, sugar daddy dating, work or family get along, how to show your friendship is very important. This not only to others and their own pleasure, and is likely to bring your life is not the same surprise oh!


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The most helpful tips for sugar daddy dating

Mentioned sugar dating, this man, it should be a very difficult thing, if the venue selection is not good, if the chat is not in place, the thing is not appropriate, is likely to just like her beloved will never lose the intersection yo, a lot of men in about after the girls, to instantly muddle force, and know what to do, because of this, so you will often fail.

Appropriate use of limbs to express their feelings

Experience has shown that body language can often convey more information to each other and express a richer emotion. Your body must be able to convey some positive signals to the other side. First of all need to pay attention to is: Do not stand in front of each other arms crossed, Secondly, follow the other’s posture helps people feel a sense of intimacy.      In addition, it is best to take some to show your mature temperament or gentle charm of the method, for example, will be inserted into the trousers pocket to show their own chest. If you can find a way to make the two actions consistent, such as drinking a drink, the same can also achieve good results.

Together to complete the more difficult things

Research shows that the equivalent of watching those bland films, couple watching a complete suspense or tension after the film is more likely to arouse mutual affection. As for the reasons, no one can explain. Perhaps, because of fear caused by increased adrenaline concentration played a key role.                                                                                                               However, there is a small exception: tense environment, although those who would have been very cute people look more likeable, but it also makes those who are not cute people seem even more annoying.

To learn to have a sense of humor

Love and laughter always go hand in hand, Among the factors traditionally considered to be the cause of love between men and women, humor always occupies a very important position. Common experience laughter will create a sense of intimacy among strangers. In sugar daddy dating, Trying to tell jokes may be more helpful for dating.

Sugar daddy dating is already a big trend today. The reason is easy and simple: More and more beautiful women are hoping to date men who are financially and mentally stable. To cater for such increasing demands, Sugar daddy sites turn up and offer platforms where beautiful young women and rich mature men can finally meet and pursue mutually beneficial relationships.




sugar daddy dating tip

How to pursue their favorite sugar baby?

The pursuit of beautiful women in the process, I believe that many sugar daddy will  encounter some tangled problems. In the process of chatting with the woman, she always indifferent. In the process of  sugar daddy dating a woman, she always different. When faced with these problems, men should think about why the sugar baby. Have you ever attracted her? Does she have time?

From the thinking point of view, many people thing that women’s thinking than men developed, but in fact a man’s divergent thinking will be more closely than women. Men and women in the way of thinking on the difference, generally reflected in such aspects:

  • First, the male thinking is partial to the reason, the female thinking is  partial to the sensibility.
  • second, the male thinking biased to see the whole, women tend to look at the details of thinking.
  • Third, the male thinking is relatively less affected  by the emotional impact of emotional thinking of women more obvious.

But from the  perspective of expression, there is a big difference, the expression of men is a linear , but the woman’s expression is often multi-linear. So there will be “women are out of the question” this argument.

Many friends and women in the process of interaction with each other to invite each other’s rejection immediately frustrated. In fact, not necessarily, or the other side of the response is a hidden appointment to respond if the other refused, but refused to have a reasonable analysis behind, it shows that her subconscious is to make an appointment, just want you to make a more reasonable or considerate suggestions.

For example, you invite her to dinner with your friends, her reply is: I do not go, I and your friends are not familiar with. Then you need to help her rationalize the back of the sentence: okay, they are very good friends, and I believe that with your social skill soon and they become one.

Women say a word behind, are implicit in another passage. the sugar daddy site,That her face that sentence is only 50% of her meaning, you should stand in her perspective to consider the reason she said this entente. And empathy , If you are her, you want to do more will be in place. And  a lot of time. Women need you to play a guiding role in the interaction between the two, because her own position is not firm. And your step-by-step guide will make her think it’s her decision you’re just following. But you guide must be a curve rather than a step in place, need to be obscure when not obvious, when the need to straightforward must be decisive.

sugar baby dating tips

How to find a sugar daddy?

Tired  of dating adolescents that only want to get drunk and get laid, who can’t do much for you or themselves? You need an experienced and accomplished man. You want to meet a rich sugar daddy who can teach you how the world works, Where the money is made and how to build a life for yourself. You want an express elevator to rich life! Here are six tried-and true tips and strategies that will help you meet a rich man,  get him to notice you, to make you his sugar baby and shower you with gifts and attention. And money.

Wealthy and successful men have seen their share of gold diggers and had lots of life experience. To real one in you need to be smarter than rest, you need to go to the right places and project the right personality to the rich men you meet. You need to be one-in-a-million, or  at least to make it seem that way. Make sure you look like a  combination of beauty, smarts, and personality. Here’s how:

Find a job where rich  customers come

Maybe an upscale restaurant, or a golf club. Or a real estate agent for very expensive houses. It has to be something where you will be in direct contact with rich customers and where you will have the chance to talk to them. Remember to do your job efficiently, you don’t want to look like a slacker. Smile a lot, flirt but not too obviously, and keep your look on them for just a second longer than usual. Your notebook will soon be full or phone numbers and dinner invitations from rich single men.

Get your appearance  in top shape

Make no mistake: this is very important. You have to stand out from crowd, you have to bathe one face everyone drawn to. exercise regularly, wear something that will accentuate your figure but not reveal too much skin. And always look your best, you want to project the picture of health and beauty that every red-blooded male will be attracted to.

Have a special skill, read good books

idea, of course, is to show the sugar daddy that there is brain behind all the beauty. Find the time to read classic books, look at classical movies and occasionally throw it into the  conversation. Develop a skill, like drawing, playing an instrument or maybe foot message. Speaking a foreign language is a plus, especially if it’s not your native tongue.

Work on your social skills

Learn to empathize, how to be a good listener, how to hold a conversation. There are plenty of courses and psychology books on the subject, so dig in. Learn to tell jokes well and memorize a few. Take a course in recognizing. Be the perfect angle with beauty, smarts, and kind heart.

Volunteer at a charity, Occasionally make a small donation

For one, it’s a good place to find a rich sugar daddy. Also you will get to meet interesting people and something that matters. You don’t want to mention this to your sugar daddy on the first date, let it be something, he will find out later. Something to seal the bond, a nice thing about you that you didn’t brag about but he discovered later.

Check out sugar daddy dating sites

Once you’ve covered all the basics about looks, social skills and personality you may want to try out specialized sugar daddy dating sites. You can use it as practice area or search and contact rich singles for real. Tips here would be to add plenty of pictures, mention that you have a job so you don’t look like a slacker and write a 300 word or so description of yourself. Add a few pictures of you are working at a charity event, with appropriate comments. The rules to succeed are a bit different from when meeting for real, remember to be witty but decent with potential sugar daddy.


Introverted people how to prevent sugar daddy dating embarrassment

Because they do not like to take the initiative to take the first step, introverted to find a partner, or through some marriage activities, or through friends, colleagues, family members, sugar daddy sites. Even so, insiders still need someone to provide some dating advice in order to make their appointments more efficient.

First, tell your friends and family that you’re ready to date. Give them some general requirements about which type of person you are interested in, such as age range, personality type, occupation, interests, education, and hobbies. Do not forget the personal qualities that you are most optimistic about a sense of humor, loyalty, insight or candor.

Encounter preparation    

  1. Consider a place for short-term meeting opportunities elevators, laundries, parks for walking dogs where your mood will be in a relaxed state.
  2.  Read one or two books about dating and try out a few things each week from the book.
  3. Sign up for an interest group, attend a series of seminars, or attend a music class to increase your chances of meeting strangers.
  4. Make a list of activities that you might like to do while dating.
  5. Find some sugar daddy sites to learn more about dating tips.

Before the appointment begins    

  • When you are looking forward(and sometimes anxious) to dating, be prepared, appointments may exhaust you inward, there are some ways to make the appointment more smoothly.
  • The first time to meet a short time, such as a cup of coffee or drink. It is recommended to decide on  a specific start and end time.
  •  Meet in a suitable location so that you can leave when you want to leave.
  • If  you feel anxious or too excited, you can go to the bathroom to rest one or two times.
  • Do not try to behave like an outgoing person!
  • Do not force yourself to have physical contact with each other, and you will need some time to relax yourself.

Make your first date                                                                                                                                  Pay attention to the status of your energy when dating. Do you feel energized or exhausted around him or her? Do you have a good time but have been exhausted? If you’re tired, explain to your friends that you’re having a good time but a bit tired, so you need to finish the appointment in a  minute. Note how well the person understands what you say.