How do sugar daddy and sugar baby flirt proper? Skills are important!

In terms of flirting, we may have seen a lot in film and television, but the real life, you will flirt? Today, come and share with you, how to flirt properly.

To explore, For sugar daddy who want to flirt, remember, at the beginning, not directly into the rhythm of flirting, but you need to use, but then normal to talk about the topic. For example, you can talk about the location of the atmosphere, the location of the environment, the location of the  climate. In the way, you can determine  whether this person is worth your flirting.

In general, after your test, to understand each other, but also to know each other’s character is like, is not suitable for flirting, etc, so the next  time, you can add this ambiguous step, because after all, know, you can intimate , so you can ask the other a few questions of interest to you, or entertainment hot issue, and make comments to see each other’s reflection.

Some people realize that flirting is short and fast that, in fact, flirting since it is flirting, is the need for a process, only the process of flirting is mined waves, so, if you go straight to the theme, it does not make sense, Therefore, after the two bedding in front of the end, you need some physical contact, for example, gently stroked each other’s hair, or take care of each other’s clothes and so on.

When the other party can accept your body language or expression, you can use some of the language on the expression, For example, with loving eyes staring at each other or tongue licking the way the lips seduce, so that the other is not on the book, if on the get, then the other is willing to engage in flirting with you ambiguous people.

Confidence. if you are flirtatious in the process, once the performance is not self-confidence, then you will fall. So, remember, always put their performance was perfect, high above, there is a noble temperament or a certain academic temperament, so that the other side of the eyes will follow you.


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