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Husband re-exposed scandal hillary rodham announced the separation

The us presidential election was in full swing when democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s personal assistant, known as her second daughter, hu ma abedding backyard fire.

August 29, Abelian issued a statement declaring her husband, New York state democratic party congressman Anthony whiner separation, the cause is re-taught weiner again by the media exposure to other women to send “indecent photos” and erotic messages.

He was forced to resign in the first scandal in 2011

In 2011, Abelian’s husband Weiner was first exposed to young women sent “indecent photos”, still sugar daddy dating site, looking for the sugar baby, then forced to resign and apologize to the public. in 2013, Weiner announced the election of new york city long, again because of the sex scandal crashed halberd, Even in may this year, a focus on abendding and weiner contradictory documentary did not let the marriage of the two capsize.

However, the evening of 28 by the New York post exposure of the later sent t indecent photos scandal became the last straw to crush the camel:Weiner allegedly again to abeding female sent indecent photos, and then two the son of Jordan on the side.

Reported that 51-year-old weiner and the 40-year-old divorced woman has been known for some time, the two sent each other erotic messages, and the latter is the republican presidential candidate donald trump supporters.

She was likened to Hillary’s second daughter

The Associated press reported that a long time, 41-year-old  are Hillary’s capable g0-getters and intimate girlfriends, the outside world than she was in addition to Chelsea’s Hillary second daughter.

As early as 1996, Hillary Clinton or the white house when the first lady, Aladdin began to work for her. Today, Alberto is the vice-chairman of the Hillary clinton campaign, and has a pivotal influence in Hillary’s community, taking part in most of hillary’s campaign decisions. In addition, Abingdin responsible for hillary and its fundraisers matchmaking.

In the united states secretary of state Hillary Clinton, Abedding is all-inclusive big housekeeper, from the arrangements for the meeting, call to provide dress advice, almost all-encompassing. This also makes Abeine often exposed to the media spotlight.




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