sugar daddy dating tip

How to pursue their favorite sugar baby?

The pursuit of beautiful women in the process, I believe that many sugar daddy will  encounter some tangled problems. In the process of chatting with the woman, she always indifferent. In the process of  sugar daddy dating a woman, she always different. When faced with these problems, men should think about why the sugar baby. Have you ever attracted her? Does she have time?

From the thinking point of view, many people thing that women’s thinking than men developed, but in fact a man’s divergent thinking will be more closely than women. Men and women in the way of thinking on the difference, generally reflected in such aspects:

  • First, the male thinking is partial to the reason, the female thinking is  partial to the sensibility.
  • second, the male thinking biased to see the whole, women tend to look at the details of thinking.
  • Third, the male thinking is relatively less affected  by the emotional impact of emotional thinking of women more obvious.

But from the  perspective of expression, there is a big difference, the expression of men is a linear , but the woman’s expression is often multi-linear. So there will be “women are out of the question” this argument.

Many friends and women in the process of interaction with each other to invite each other’s rejection immediately frustrated. In fact, not necessarily, or the other side of the response is a hidden appointment to respond if the other refused, but refused to have a reasonable analysis behind, it shows that her subconscious is to make an appointment, just want you to make a more reasonable or considerate suggestions.

For example, you invite her to dinner with your friends, her reply is: I do not go, I and your friends are not familiar with. Then you need to help her rationalize the back of the sentence: okay, they are very good friends, and I believe that with your social skill soon and they become one.

Women say a word behind, are implicit in another passage. the sugar daddy site,That her face that sentence is only 50% of her meaning, you should stand in her perspective to consider the reason she said this entente. And empathy , If you are her, you want to do more will be in place. And  a lot of time. Women need you to play a guiding role in the interaction between the two, because her own position is not firm. And your step-by-step guide will make her think it’s her decision you’re just following. But you guide must be a curve rather than a step in place, need to be obscure when not obvious, when the need to straightforward must be decisive.


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